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Exhibition News | Suntech attended the REI in India

On September 18, 2019 (local time), the opening ceremony of Renewable Energy India Expo (2019 REI) was unveiled at the Noida Expo Centre in New Delhi, India, where Suntech showed up with multiple mind-blowing products.

Live Report
This time, the Suntech booth displayed a total of 6 products, which include bifacial HJT half-cell modules, large cell slice and format modules, multi-bus bar half-cell modules and anti-soiling modules, covering various power stages, technological dimensions and application scenarios.

Among them, Suntech’s bifacial HJT half-cell modules were particularly eye-catching. This HJT solar cell technology, through years of development, has come to a critical point, where costs and prices reach a balance, and is likely to dominate the high-end market of amorphous silicon modules, due to its future potential in cost reductions, high efficiency, and large generating capacity, thus making it one of the most important representations of modular variation.

Market Overview
Renewable Energy India Expo is the biggest international, professional exhibition focusing on renewable energy in India and even in South Asia. Recently, the local photovoltaic market has been in rapid growth amid the soaring economy in India. India, home to the second largest population in the world, is in an enormous demand for electricity, but suffers from extremely unequal supply and demand, due to backward power infrastructure. Hence, regarding this urgent matter, the Indian government has implemented numerous policies to encourage the development of photovoltaic. So far, the installed capacity in India has amounted to 33GW. Since August 2019, the import tariff on photovoltaic products, a protective tariff in India, has been lowered from 25% to 20%. Considering the double effects caused by the 5% downgrade in terms of import tariff in India and the lower cost of photovoltaic modules, India’s installed capacity of photovoltaic equipment is expected to sustain high-octane growth, furthering closer to the goal of growing the installed capacity to 100GW. India, although now the third largest region in need of photovoltaic equipment worldwide in recent years, depends mostly on imported modules at this stage, as its own production capacity of photovoltaic modules of about 6.26GW, affected by the irrational control of production costs and inconsistent quality, fails to satisfy the demand of its domestic photovoltaic market, thus providing an effective opportunity allowing Suntech that puts quality at the first place to expand the Indian market.


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