Exhibition News | Suntech attended Solar-Tec in Egypt

On November 3, 2019 (local time), the Solar-Tec 2019 was unveiled at the Egypt International Convention Center in Egypt, Suntech showed up and displayed multiple products.

Market Overview
Egypt,one of the industrially developed countries in Africa, has maintained a friendly relationship with China. Meanwhile, Egypt has ascendant superiority in geographical conditions, with the average amount of solar radiation amounting to 2000-3200kWh/m² per year and the annual radiation time in most places surpassing 2400 hours, thereby making it a photovoltaic market of limitless potential.

Live Report
Relying on brand influence in the Egypt market, Suntech has developed more potential customers in North Africa and the Middle East . On Solar-Tec 2019, Suntech displayed three different high-quality modules from various technical dimensions, which attracted the attention of the visitors crowded in the exhibition hall as soon as the show began.

Regarding Egypt and its surrounding markets, where the natural environment is dominated by drought and wind-borne sand, Suntech arrived at the show with a differentiated product-the Suntech Anti-Soiling solar odule, which adopts dust-proof glass that can effectively prevent dust from building up on its surface and a specially designed frame that guarantees its self-cleaning capacity, thus allowing for efficient power output when it is used in applicable special circumstances such as deserts and intertidal areas.

Egypt is an emerging market, in which Suntech gives priority to development in recent years and is growing its market dominance steadily through close cooperation with local distributors. In addition, on the basis of upholding the Global & Local market strategy, Suntech has established localized systems for distribution, sales and customer services, leading to the result that Suntech products dominate over 50% of the Egypt distribution market. In the future, Suntech will consistently delivery photovoltaic products that excel in quality and reliability for global customers.

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