Exhibition News | Suntech Attended Solar solution International in the Netherlands

Solar Solutions International, as the largest solar energy trade-fair in the Benelux region of Europe, was held in Expo Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands, from March 19th to 21st, 2019.

Suntech, the global leading solar photovoltaic manufacturer, is participating in the trade show together with the local Dutch distribution partners, showcased with wide-ranging of high-quality, high-efficiency PV modules for commercial rooftop and utility-scale PV plants respond to diversifying needs of customers.

The Netherlands is one of the largest, fastest growing and stable PV markets in Europe.After having experienced incredible growth in 2017, the Dutch solar energy sector continued growingrapidly during 2018. No less than 853 MWp of solar power was installed in2017. And this was amply exceeded with an installed capacity of at least1,330 MWpin 2018. Thanks to this growth, the total installed solar power capacity in the Netherlandshas grown from 2.9 GWp to 4.2 GWpin one year. In 2018, the installed solar power capacityhas grown by as much as 46%. As a result, the Dutch market grows almost twice as fast as the globalmarket in 2018. This means that the Dutch solar energy market will continue to catch up with therest of the world in 2018.

Suntech has reached a very high market share in the Netherlands, with the stable local distribution partners since lots of years. With the high quality and efficiency solar modules, Suntech has won a very good reputation in the Netherlands, and has just awarded the Top Brand PV Seal in the Netherlands for 2019. With the quality-first and customer-oriented philosophy, Suntech will continue to be a responsible enterprise that provides quality products to the customers, to further develop the Dutch market at lightning speed, as well as fast growing share of solar energy in the energy supply in the Netherlands.

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