Exhibition News | Suntech attended InterSolar South America in Brasil

On August 27, 2019 (local time), the opening ceremony of Intersolar South America was unveiled at Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, Brazil where Suntech displayed multiple products.

Market Overview
A great market potential of solar power business resides in Brazil, an emerging market that has seen a relatively rapid development of PV industries recently. The fact that coal resources are scarce in Brazil and its surrounding areas results in inadequate power supply at home. Brazil, however, enjoying an exceptional advantage in developing solar power industries due to its 280 days of sunshine per year, together with the ‘National Energy Plan’ it has implemented, has become a world market, where the growth of PV products and solar power is the fastest.

Live Report
Suntech gathered a considerable number of visitors by its booth. Relying on its brand influence worldwide, Suntech has developed many potential customers in South American amid global expansion. This time, the Suntech booth, lacking anything but highlights, demonstrated 4 high-quality modules derived from different technical dimensions that can be applied to various application scenarios.

Both as member states of the ‘BRICS’, China and Brazil, each the largest developing country in the eastern and western hemisphere, respectively, enjoy naturally complementary and statically benefits through energy-related cooperation, especially in areas such as electric power, new energy, marine oil and gas, where there is a tremendous potential. In response to China’s macro policies, Suntech has established numerous large-scale power plants in Brazil, which have been connected to the grid and put into use, now under a good operation status, thus addressing the issue of insufficient electricity affecting some regions, and providing stable power supply guarantee for the urbanization and energy transformation in Brazil.

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