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Exhibition News | Suntech attended Green Energy Expo in South Korea

At local time April 3th, 2019, the International Green Energy Exhibition of South Korea was officially open in EXCO Daegu and Suntech was invited to participate in together with many kinds of high-efficient products, attracting lots of attention both inside and outside of the industry.

The International Green Energy Exhibition of South Korea is the Asian leading and largest international renewable energy exhibition in South Korea as well as the important platform of developing solar power PV market of South Korea by different PV producers. As we all know that South Korea is short of energy sources with little oil, natural gas and water power resources, therefore, the South Korean government firstly put forward compensation for power purchasing in Asia with the developing mode of ‘government support, enterprise investment and local participation’, largely supporting solar power industry. In 2019, it is predicted that the newly increasing of PV installed capacity will arrive to 1.96GW in South Korea with brilliant development of PV industry, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Suntech aimed at expanding the PV market of South Korea in this exhibition by displaying a series of high-efficient modules including monocrystalline PERC modules, monocrystalline PERC bifacial modules and monocrystalline half-cell modules, among of which the output power of monocrystalline PERC bifacial modules reaches up to 370-380W, and the backside gain could reach as high as 25% through high-efficient P-type bifacial monocrystalline cells, achieving no covering on backside with maximum total power reaching 475W combined with split-type terminal box design. In addition, this module also has excellent function of sand proof, reducing the dust accumulation and increasing the average power gain by 1.3%, which could bring more benefits for customers.

At this International Green Energy Exhibition of South Korea, Based on the consolidation of local customer relationships, Suntech has further reached a good cooperation consensus with emerging partners on its years of deep cultivation in the Korean market and the quality of its products. Since one strand of silk doesn’t make a thread or one tree doesn’t make a forest, Suntech will continue to carry out the customer-centric concept and achieve win-win cooperation with global customers.


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