Exhibition News | Suntech attended All-Energy in Australia

On October 23, 2019 (local time), All-Energy Australia 2019 was unveiled at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, where Suntech showed up.

Live Report

This time, the Suntech booth, demonstrated 4 differentiated products in total, Among them, Suntech high-efficiency half-cell modules, with power ranging from 305W to 390W, which attracted the attention of professional visitors.

Suntech Poly PERC 9BB Half Cell Solar Module has a power 10 Watt higher than that of the regular 5BB modules; since the density of grating lines increases and the space is small, even there are micro-cracks and debris on the cell, the power loss rate of multiple main grid cell can also decrease relatively and still keep a good performance of power generation. Its lower working temperature also makes the module higher output.

Market Overview

Australia, as one of the most developed countries in photovoltaic fields and the No.1 leader of sunshine resources in the world, has more than 80% of land with illumination intensity exceeding 2000 kW/m2/h, and its central region, a scarcely populated area, is propitious to solar energy utilization on a large scale, thereby making it a market with enormous potential for solar power.

From the initial installation of photovoltaic systems in 2001, to the issuance of subsidy policies for photovoltaic electricity in 2009 and the explosive growth in 2010, until the cut in subsidies in July 2011, the photovoltaic market in Australia, making a spurt of progress since 2017, has regained its former status as one of the most important markets receiving global attention. According to the latest authoritative forecasts: The demand of pv installation in the Australian market is about 6.1GW in 2019, and is forecast to increase its global market share from 4.5% in 2018 to 4.7% in 2019.

Suntech’s Performance

Recently,Suntech supplied 4.6MWp PV modules to ALDI Australia’s 30 stores and a distribution center, an internationally famous chain supermarket, has been formally connected to the grid. Also, Suntech has successfully passed the Solar Panel Validation conducted by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). The successful passing of its professional test and verification means that the relevant product of a manufacturer conforms to the quality and performance standards of Australia. In addition, Suntech has successfully passed the verification of the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) and is included in the solar PV module list database of CEC.

Suntech is always particularly wary of Australia and its surrounding markets, with professional technical service teams in areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, so that customers can get access to whole-process services. In the future, Suntech will adhere to the “Global & Local” strategy and provide PV products with high quality and high reliability for global customers.

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