Deepen the overseas market layout –Madagascar delegation visits Suntech

On August 3, a delegation, including Mr. Augustin, Special Assistant to the President of Madagascar and Minister of Industrial Development, Liu Yang, Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Madagascar, And other people relevant, visited Suntech, for the purposes of strengthening face-to-face communication with China's top enterprises in the industry and continuously enhancing the energy development, during which Vincent Cao, Vice President of Suntech, accompanied the visit and shared opinions.

The delegation, starting from the exhibition hall, gained an in-depth understanding of Suntech’s product technologies and development, and expressed a strong interest in Suntech’s brand philosophy and products. During the ensuing exchanges, Mr. Augustin, Special Assistant to the President of Madagascar and Minister of Industrial Development, said that Madagascar, located in southeastern Africa, as the largest island in Africa and the fourth largest island in the world, had the basic conditions for vigorously growing photovoltaic industries as a result of adequate illumination. Besides, the Madagascar government, holding a positive attitude towards clean energy development, had implemented favorable relief in terms of VAT and tariffs on the import of photovoltaic modules, while reducing tax rates on electricity revenues from residential and commercial solar power systems by 50%. Therefore, the Madagascar government would express welcome to Chinese enterprises entering the market in Madagascar, and hope to have opportunities to work with such outstanding companies engaged in photovoltaics such as Suntech, thus creating a better living environment for Madagascar people.

Mr. Vincent Cao, Vice President of Suntech , expressed that Madagascar had superior natural conditions for development in photovoltaics and positive policies in support of clean energy evolution. Suntech, by actively satisfying demands of the Madagascar government and firmly upholding the “Global & Local” market concept, would constantly improve its global marketing efforts and establish a localized sales and service system.

In addition, the delegation also visited Suntech’s cell manufacturing plant to further understand its production and operation status. Both parties look forward to building partnerships in the fields of new energy in the future. Committed to its original intentions, Suntech will continue to carry out its values of “pragmatism, efficiency, collaboration and innovation”, thereby wholeheartedly offering photovoltaic products of high quality, high reliability and cost effectiveness to Madagascar!


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