China Renewable Energy Academic Conference Suntech President Mr. Tang Jun: High Reliability Shall Come First

From September 20 to 22, China Renewable Energy Society (CREC) organized the China Renewable Energy Academic Conference 2020 in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The conference invited global perspective, academicians, researchers, industry leaders and government officials to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the renewable energy development in the future, share various experiences and innovative achievements in the field of renewable energy, and offer suggestions for China energy development in the new era. Mr. Tang Jun, President of Suntech was invited to deliver a keynote speec

Mr. Tang shared insights in his speech “Reflection about Photovoltaic Manufacturing Industry”: “First, the expansion of photovoltaic industry should match the scale of market. Meanwhile, in comparison with high power and efficiency, high reliability shall come first, to meet the requirement of circular economy. Also, photovoltaic technology upgrade and equipment iteration have to consider those requirements. As we are in the industry of renewable energy, it’s important to consider saving resources of whole society and focus on the concept of circular economy”.

The presentation ceremony of Science and Technology Award of CREC was held in parallel as well. Suntech won the second prize in the category of technological innovation, with the project Industrialization Technology of High-power and Low- degradation PERC Half-cut Modules jointly declared by Jiangnan University. After winning the third prize of 2019 Science and Technology Award of CREC and the second prize of 2020, Suntech gains full recognition with technological innovation and stable production capacity in the field of photovoltaic manufacturing.

Suntech has been focusing on product R&D and technology renewal, committed to improving product conversion efficiency and strengthening the development of new technologies. In tandem with Jiangnan University, Suntech aspires to introduce more professional talents through its comprehensive industry-university-research cooperation. In the future, Suntech will continue to transform the R&D innovative strengths into the core competitiveness, and continue to provide global customers with products of high quality, high cost performance and high reliability.

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