A witness of the strength! Suntech Wins Two “Golden Leopard” Awards in 2023PVTD

A witness of the strength! Suntech Wins Two “Golden Leopard” Awards in 2023PVTD
On 24 March, 2023 PVTD and “Golden Leopard” Award Ceremony was held in Beijing, China. Suntech is granted the “Golden Module Award for High Power Module of Ultra V Pro Series” and the “Outstanding Technology Brand Award” by virtue of its excellent results in the photovoltaic field.

The conference, hosted by the National Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Material and Technology and the MOLEPV, aims to advance photovoltaic technology. Industry specialists and enterprise representatives from different enterprises and research institutions come together to hold in-depth exchanges about PV technology development trends, battery module improvement and terminal application of modules.

Suntech’s Ultra V Pro series product is high-effective modules equipped with 182mm N-type TOPCon battery with the transfer efficiency up to 22.5%. As the knock-out product of Suntech in 2023, it boasts the advantages of low attenuation rate, photovoltaic power generation with both weak and strong sunlight, and low heat radiation. Besides, the new module has a more effective power generation capacity than the PERC module. According to the statistics of half-year power generation from a CPVT base in Yinchuan, the N-type double-sided module has 3-4% higher efficiency than the P-type one.

Suntech, as the PV industry-leading enterprise, believes that R&D is the source of the sustainable development of an enterprise. It will always hold the concept of green and low-carbon development and stick to its original mission of R&D and innovation in PV modules to provide safe, cost-effective and high-effective products and solutions for global customers.

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