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Suntech Launches new HiPerforma(TM) Product Line in Europe

Posted on 2011-09-01
Advanced Pluto(TM) Cell Technology Powers High-Performance Solar Panels for Residential, Commercial and Utility Applications
SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland, Sept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NYSE: STP), the world's largest producer of solar panels, has launched its new generation high-efficiency HiPerforma(TM) product line with the introduction of HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Vdm-295 and HiPerforma(TM) Wdm-245 in Europe. Both products, which are immediately available, utilize Suntech's advanced Pluto(TM) cell processing technology that allows cells to absorb more sunlight and generate more electricity.


The new HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Vdm-295, a 295W panel utilizing 72 6-inch multicrystalline cells, is ideal for both commercial rooftop and utility-scale electricity generation. The new HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Wdm-245, a 245W panel utilizing 60 6-inch polycrystalline cells, is a universal product which is ideal for various applications. HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Ade-200 is the optimum choice for small residential roofs. HiPerforma(TM) Ade-200, the 5 inch mono 72-cell variant with a conversion efficiency of up to 15.7%, was introduced to the market earlier. The new modules extend the product portfolio with polycrystalline products. "Our advanced Pluto(TM) cell technology represents a major step forward in our mission to drive down the cost of solar electricity generation, and make solar energy accessible to everyone, everywhere," said Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Suntech's CEO and Founder. "The Pluto(TM) advanced cell processing technology was designed specifically to work well with different grades of silicon wafers, giving Suntech the flexibility to develop competitive products for all major markets." The high performance and quality of Suntech solar panels is testament to the efforts of its R&D team that includes 450 professionals globally. In 2010, Suntech invested $40 million in R&D initiatives. HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Vdm-295and HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Wdm-245


  • HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Vdm-295 has a conversion efficiency of up to 15.2%, which is ideal for large-scale installations that are focused on achieving superior cost per kWh.
  • HiPerforma(TM) Pluto Wdm-245 has a conversion efficiency of up to 14.8%. Its universal format combined with an excellent temperature behaviour makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • HiPerforma(TM) modules benefits not only are higher efficiency than industry standard cells but lower temperature coefficients and higher power output per watt installed due to an improved spectral response. This results in up to 12 % higher power output based on same nameplate power.


The products also offer Suntech's industry-leading 25-year power output warranty that warrants 6.7% more power than the standard industry warranty. In addition, the panels feature 0/+5% positive power tolerance and have been built to withstand all weather conditions, including 3.800 Pascal wind load and 5.400 Pascal snow loads, well above IEC standard requirements. From September 5-9, 2011, Suntech's new HiPerforma(TM) product line will be on public display for the first time in Europe at: PV SEC Hamburg, Suntech's booth C14 in hall B5.
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