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Management Team

Mr. Jianmin Shi
Mr. Shi Jianmin serves as the Chairman of Wuxi Suntech, having been appointed to the role in October 2013. Prior to joining Wuxi Suntech, he worked from April 2010 at Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Limited as a Vice Chairman and an Executive Director. He  also served as Deputy General Manager of Shunfeng Technology. Mr. Shi has 30 years of professional experience, over 10 of which have been spent in senior management positions. Mr. Shi holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Shanghai Jiao Tong Universityobtained on 1 July 2007. As of November 1999, he also holds a Qualification Certificate of Specialty and Technology in Financial Economics, approved and issued by the Ministry of Personnel of China. From November 1985 to January 2007 Mr. Shi worked in the Changzhou Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (“ICBC”). Mr. Shi was previously the President of the Changzhou Guanghua sub-branch of ICBC from January 2002 to January 2006 and the General Manager of the Electronic Banking Division of the Changzhou Branch of ICBC from February 2006 to January 2007. From June 2007 to March 2010, Mr. Shi served as Deputy General Manager of Zhenjiang Runfeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
 Mr. (Eric) Xin Luo
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Luo is the CEO of Wuxi Suntech. Prior to this role, he served as the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Sales & Operations, where he was responsible for Suntech's worldwide sales and marketing activities. Mr. Luo joined Suntech In October 2010 as the SVP of Global Supply Chain Management. With more than 20 years of professional experience in global supply chain and business management, he brings an extensive knowledge of business operations from a variety of different industries. Prior to joining Suntech, Mr. Luo was charged with the global strategic sourcing for industry leading manufacturers  Nortek Inc. and Thomson Inc. Mr. Luo holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management and International Marketing from Michigan State University.
 Mr. Guozhu Long
Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations
Mr. Long, who joined Suntech in June 2003, currently serves as the SVP of Wuxi Suntech and is responsible for manufacturing operations. He has more than 14 years' professional experience in the photovoltaic industry and manufacturing operations. He has worked in  Suntech's various factories: Vice General Manager of Luoyang Suntech from 2006 to July 2008; General Manager of Yangzhou Suntech from 2008 to 2009; General Manager of Wuxi Suntech Module BU from 2009 to 2011; Vice President of Suntech Group & General Manager of Wuxi Suntech Cell & Module BU from 2011 to 2012; Vice President of Suntech Group & General Manager of Zhenjiang Rietech from 2012 to 2014.  Mr. Long holds a EMBA from NUBS (Nanjing University Business School).
Mr. (Victor) Haibo XiongSenior Vice
President of Supporting Functions

Mr. Xiong  joined Suntech in February 2005 as the Manager of Product Development Department.  He was primarily responsible for new product introduction, safety certification and Enterprise Resource Planning system implementation. He was promoted to Director of Internal Control Department in 2006, responsible for the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance implementation and the company-wide risk control system set-up implementation. He was appointed to General Manger of Rietech in November 2008. With 12 years'  professional experience in quality control and company management in the manufacturing industry, he led Rietech to become a star enterprise, officially named by the local government. He was appointed as General Manager of Suntech in 2012, in charge of Wuxi cell, Wuxi module, Shanghai factory and Luoyang factory.Today,  he is the SVP primarily responsible for function management support such as HR, Quality, Warehouse, IT, Legal, Internal Contro and Logistics. Prior to joining Suntech, Mr. Xiong was responsible for quality control of a Japanese company named Wuxi Nemic-Lambda Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Mr. Peilin HeVice
President of Global Supply Chain
Mr. Peilin joined Suntech in January 2014 as the Vice President of Global Supply Chain. He is responsible for supply chain management and execution, encompassing supply and demand planning, procurement, manufacturing and contractor OEM. With more than 18 years' professional sales experience in different industry areas and 4 years supply chain management, he brings extensive experience in building business partnerships and supply chain optimization. Prior to joining Suntech, Mr. He was the Commercial VP of SF-PV in charge of the global supply chain and sales. From 2006, Mr. He worked in LDK Solar Co.,Ltd as sales director of business start-ups. Mr. He also studied EMBA in CEIBS in order to further improve his business strategy management skills.
 Mr. Yutaka Yamamoto
President of Suntech Japan
Mr. Yutaka Yamamoto has been president of Suntech Japan since May 2009. From 2003 to 2009, he was the General Manager of Asia of Evolution Robotics and was responsible for launching and leading its Japan branch office. From 1998 to 2003, he was president of Planetweb Japan, and prior to that, the Director of New Business Development of Sega of America from 1995. Mr. Yamamoto received his bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from The University of Tokyo in 1983 and started his career in hardware development and management at IBM Japan.
 Mr.(Zeight)Zhan GaoVice
President of Global Projects Investment

Mr. Gao joined Suntech in Mar 2014 as the Vice President of Global Projects Investment. He is responsible for PV projects investment for overseas markets, including development, finance, construction, operation and maintenance. With more than 20 years of international business experience and 4 years of PV projects investment experience, he is now leading a  core team charged with mapping and expanding new PV projects for the group’s investment portfolio. Prior to joining Suntech, Mr. Gao was the Executive Director of SF-PV and VP of Winsun New Energy Co., Ltd. Mr. Gao holds an MBA from the National University of Singapore.
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