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For Homeowners

Suntech protects your environment while reducing your electricity bills year-round.

With the support of many many responsible clients like you, solar energy has become more and more affordable across the world. In many regions, even without the support of government, the energy generated by solar system has been cost-competitive already, compared to the conventional resources. Surprised? Why not just ask your local installers or distributers and see how we solar people have made it possible?
Our confidence to build a sustainable future comes from our consistant investment in R&D and insistence in quality of our products. However not all solar modules are the same although most of them look alike. There are significant differences among solar modules, warranties, and manufacturers. Find out why more homeowners are discovering that Suntech is the smart choice in solar.
Installer GBC Montaze
Location Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
System Capacity 3 kWp


Suntech product conversion rate is usually higher than expected. Please see the relevant business case.



Did you know?
That with only 35m2 roof surface you can cover the electricity needs of a 3-4 person household.
-We assist every single customer to make the most out of sunlight for everyday life.
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Click here to learn about our new product features and benefits, in addition to our existing warranty and service, we also provide third party insurance for project development and EPC partners.For details, please refer to our local sales representative
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