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Committed to the Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility in Action

Suntech is a proactive policy advocate and a supporter of numerous environmental awareness initiatives, and works with numerous organizations to advance environmental stewardship across the world.
  • Suntech, certified with OHSAS 18001, is committed to the highest occupational health and safety management standards. To minimize or avoid accidents, incidents, injuries or occupational hazards, Suntech prioritizes health and safety in all operations through the implementation of effective safety procedures and precautions.
  • SA 8000 is broadly recognized by trade unions and NGOs as one of the strictest workplace standards worldwide. It is a global certification system used by leading companies to assess, monitor and influence social accountability. The standard focuses on the areas of health and safety, freedom of association, protection against child labor or forced labor, protection from discrimination and disciplinary practices, the promotion of fair working hours and fair remuneration as well as effective management and implementation. Suntech is committed to these international social responsibility standards for employees, customers and suppliers through strict and continued compliance. SA8000 compliance was audited and certified by BV International in September 2010.
  • Suntech’s manufacturing process adheres to the highest international environmental protocols, and is certified with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards.
  • In 2008, Suntech joined The Climate Group and Copenhagen Climate Council to collaborate with some of the world's brightest environmental and business minds and develop practical solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In early 2009, Suntech proudly opened our new state-of-the-art headquarters in Wuxi, China, which has become an example of the potential of solar power.  The headquarters is powered by one of the world’s largest on-grid solar façade systems and is designed to be 80% energy self-sufficient.
  • Suntech participates in the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour Campaign to support energy conservation, and joined the European PV CYCLE association, which is engaged in establishing a voluntary take-back and recycling program for end-of-life solar modules.

Corporate Responsibility around the Globe

The promise of solar power is critically important to solving today’s energy demands in an environmentally sensitive way. Solar energy offers unparalleled potential for developing nations, where a lack of reliable electricity has stunted education, research and economic development efforts. Suntech has worked with partners in several developing countries to harness sunlight for transformative projects that power schools, NGOs and non-profit institutions.

McNeil High School Green Club

Suntech subsidized the cost of a 10 kW solar power system for the McNeil High School in Austin, Texas, through a partnership with URS Corporation. The system will provide clean power for the high school's nearly 3,000 students and demonstrate the possibilities of alternative energy to the community.

Sega Girls School, Tanzania

Suntech donated 10 kW of solar modules to non-profit Nurturing Minds, which runs a girls school in Morogoro, Tanzania. This remote region of Tanzania is home to the Sega Girls School, which currently provides education and housing for over 50 local girls who would otherwise receive no education. Solar energy plays a key role in the organization's vision of educating 200 girls a year by 2015.

Rural Schools in Lebanon

Suntech supports Lebanon's largest solar initiative, powering 19 rural schools with solar energy. With our local partner Asaco General Trade & Contracting and in coordination with the United Nation’s Development Program (UNDP), Suntech is proud to bring reliable, consistent power to rural schools across the Bekaa Valley and Northern Lebanon regions where grid power is intermittent and unreliable. The Suntech solar-powered schools will end the days when students, teachers and administrators faced daily blackouts. Now libraries will be lit, computers will be powered and students will thrive with the support of clean power. Learn more here »